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Message from Dean, School of Agriculture and Biotechnology

The School is headed by the administrative head who is the Dean.  There are 2 departments.

  1. Agricultural Science Department
  2. Food Sciences and Nutrition department

The School of Agriculture and Biotechnology is tasked with developing manpower in Agriculture for national Agricultural development and food security. It has a team of highly qualified staff including 8 PhDs, 3 of whom are Professors. It has over 15 acres of research land and field laboratories. The School currently offers several undergraduate programs that include Horticulture; Food Science and Nutrition; Agricultural Economics and Resource Management; Agricultural Extension. 

Hellen Wangechi Mwaura-Kamiri (Ph.D)


The School also develops programs for those who are interested in the acquisition of modern agricultural professional knowledge and skills, in all areas of modernizing the techniques and methods of agricultural production, processing, and marketing, in addition to the areas of sustainable development, and improving the quality of life.