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Rebecca Karaya-Kigwa

I have a MSC in Agricultural Extension, B.Sc. in Agriculture Education and Extension (Egerton University, Kenya) and a Dip in Education Kagumo College. My research interests focus on agricultural innovations communication, dissemination, adoption and diffusion. My main interests are participatory learning and research methods, scaling up and scaling out of good agricultural practices, sustainable land management and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Rebecca Karaya-Kigwa


Karaya, R. N., Onyango, C. A., & Ogendi, G. M. (2020). The Effect of Participation in Farmer Groups on Household Adoption of Sustainable Land Management Practices in Kenyan Drylands. Asian Journal of Agricultural Extension, Economics & Sociology, 38(11), 66-80.

Karaya, R. N., Onyango, C. A., & Ogendi, G. M. (2021). A community-GIS supported dryland use and cover change assessment: The case of the Njemps flats in Kenya, Cogent Food & Agriculture, 7(1), 1-19. Taylor and Francis.

Burian, A., Karaya, R., Wernersson, J E., Egberth, M., Lokorwa, B., Nyberg, G. (2019) A community-based evaluation of population growth and agro-pastoralist resilience in Sub-Saharan drylands. Environmental Science & Policy Volume 92, February 2019, Pages 323-330. Elsevier

Karaya, R.N, Onyango, C.A & Amudavi, D.M (2014) Strategies Used by Women to Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change in Mwala Division, Machakos County, Kenya. In: Zeinabu Khalif, Charles KK Gachene, Patrick Gicheru, David Mwehia Mburu, Christopher Gatama Gakahu (Eds). Sustainable Land Management in Dry Lands of Kenya. Improving Land Productivity through Participatory Research and Technology Transfer. United Nations Development Programme – Nairobi, Kenya. ISBN 978 9966 1805 5 1. Pp: 229-251

Karaya, R.N, Onyango, C.A & Amudavi, D.M (2013). Fighting Hunger Together: A Case of Women Farmers Participation in Women Groups in Mwala Division, International Journal of Agricultural Management and Development, 3(3): 189-200, September, 2013.



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