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Daisy Mutuku

My name is Daisy Mutuku, a Graduate Assistant at Karatina University, since 2015. I graduated with BSc. Horticultural Science and Management, and MSc. Soil Science from Karatina University. My areas of research interest are; Soil conservation and restoration of degraded soil biodiversity (surface & subsurface), understanding carbon budgets and GHG emission reductions, and role of woody encroachment/invasions on soil functions.


Daisy Mutuku


  1. Mutuku, D., Kamiri, H., Ndufa, James., Kiama, Stephen., Mware, Mugo., (2019). “Influence of Vegetation Cover and Topographic Position on Water Infiltration, Organic Matter Content and Aggregate Stability of Grassland Soils in Semi-Arid Kenya.” Advances in Agricultural Science 7 (2019), 04: 01-17

    Research Activities

    I am currently working with the KCSAP Project, “Integrated Land and Water Management Strategies for Restoration and Protection of Water Resources in Agro-Pastoral Systems -Kenya” (IMWAR) funded under Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture through Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization: KCSAP Project; Ref Number: FP04-3/1.

Research Interests