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Louise Wanjiku Ngugi (PhD, MSc, BEd, RND)

Louise Wanjiku Ngugi (PhD, MSc, BEd, RND),louise, luwngugi@

Dr Louise Ngugi Holds a PhD and a Masters in Applied Human Nutrition from UON- Kenya. She has been the lead consultant in baseline and end line surveys as highly qualified professional in food and nutrition security, Public health nutrition, water, and sanitation and hygiene, disaster mitigation and risk management programmes. She has expertise in behaviour change communication having coordinated behaviour change programme for youths coupled with having an education background.

Louise Wanjiku Ngugi (PhD, MSc, BEd, RND)

She additionally has trainings in food and nutrition security, research ethics and proposal witting, ecosystems for poverty alleviation and leadership in nutrition among others. Her PhD and masters studies focused on nutrition and hygiene in disease management mainly nutrition education with empowerment and KAP on traditional vegetables by youths respectively.

Skills and expertise: nutrition, human nutrition, nutritional biochemistry and genomics, nutrition assessments, food and nutrition security, nutrition education and counselling, nutrition and disease management, nutritional epidemiology, public health nutrition, food and quality assurance, research methods, meal planning, service and management.

Some of the Consultancy work includes:

  1. Multiple indicator Cluster survey; participated in editing and writing of multiple indicator cluster survey reports for various sites for UNICEF June 2010
  2. Surveillance study on effects of Food Security, Health and Nutritional Status of Under-Fives in Kisii District, Kenya. -UON
  3. Knowledge Attitude and Practices (KAP) Survey for research work at the University of Nairobi as main researcher.
  4. Knowledge Attitude and Practices (KAP) Survey for Kenya HIV and AIDS Business Council as lead consultant.
  5. Participatory evaluation methodologies, as project coordinator, facilitator and HIV and AIDS prevention specialist for World Vision Kenya – Abstinence RisK avoidance (ARK) project.

Research Interest

1. Nutrition in disease prevention and management
2. Nutrition education
3. Development of Therapeutic diets and recipes
4. Nutritional genomics
5. Research methods in food and nutritional sciences