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Lydiah Asiko

Lydiah Asiko is a Public Health Nutritionist and Researcher of Karatina University,

School of Agriculture and Biotechnology, and department of Food Science and Nutrition. She is also a member of the Tea Institute.  She is passionate on evidence-based practice and especially nutrition-sensitive and nutrition-specific interventions

Lydiah Asiko


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Research activities:

Research project titled – “Effect of Nutrition Education on Mothers’ Complementary Feeding Practices and Nutrition Status on Children 6-23 months – Nyeri County – on-going

National Research Fund – research project titled “Improving Food Security by Reducing Post-Harvest Losses in Maize in the Lower Eastern Kenya” – on-going

National Research Fund – Covid-19 Tea Beverage Study – on-going

Rise and Shine/ Comic Relief – research project Early Childhood Development in Kenya – on-going