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Allan Shivachi

Current Research– PhD research “Pyramiding resistance genes for major bean diseases occurring in western Kenya aided by SCAR Markers.” A project at KALRO Kakamega funded by Kirk House Trust (KT).  

Allan Shivachi


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  2. Shivachi A., Kiplagat K. O., and Kinyua G. M. Cookability and organoleptic evaluation of dolichos bean. A book chapter in: Kinyua G. M and Kiplagat K. O. (2012). Dolichos (Lablab purpureus L. Sweet) bean improvement using mutation and biotechnological techniques. Danste Agencies.
  3. Shivachi A., Kiplagat K. O., and Kinyua G. M. (2012). Microsatellite analysis of selected Lablab purpureus genotypes in Kenya. Rwanda Journal ISSN 2305-2678 Volume 28: Pg 39-52. Series E, 2012: Agricultural Sciences

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